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For 35 years, Direct Silver Inc. has been serving as a manufacturer in the Los Angeles Jewelry District. We focus on various sterling silver products that range from Earrings, Pendants, Rings, Rosaries, Bands and Bracelets.

Direct Silver Inc. is committed to providing you outstanding quality, superior service and a large selection of beautifully designed Sterling Silver Jewelry in. With several years of experience, Direct Silver Inc. has a reputation for bringing affordable Sterling Silver Jewelry to some of the country's most reputable Jewelry shoppers. Our site affords the opportunity for you to take a look at our products. Each piece in our exquisite selection is conceived and produced with style and affordability in mind. We're dedicated to bringing you the fashions that best express your unique personality. Whether you're going to the office or to the opera, offers Sterling Silver Jewelry that matches your style while keeping you on the cusp of the latest fashion trends.


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